The Trades in the Wake of the FOMC

Don't 'dis the Fed. Yellen & Co. can stir up volatility to get opportunistic with and that's the mindset we want to have. Fundamentals aren't setups in and of themselves, but the volatility they create can offer trading opportunities ... if you know where to look.


Looking Ahead This Week

There is more than enough to make a difference on the calendar with the apex of it all being Wednesday. That's when we will hear from ECB's Draghi and have a look at our own FOMC meeting minutes.


Here's My Watchlist for Next Week

Knowing what to put your focus on and where to deploy your capital is a step that comes way before you put on any trade. If you don't see the setup coming, it's not a trade, it's a bet. So here's my exact watchlist for next week with the price action that has my attention.


How NOT to Let a Winner Turn Into a Loser

The Nikkei and Nasdaq have followed through and these were pure trend following trades. One of the best ways to stay calm through the management of a winner is to know the levels that could catapult the trade further in your favor. Learn to recognize those levels and manage a winner in this video.


Why Setup the First 30-Minutes of the Open?

Understanding the mood of the market and the mood that the U.S. is inheriting from the Asian session and the Nikkei offers an edge to a trader. The Dow clearing trade is a bread and butter setup: Watch how it's done in this video.




Post-Mortem Assessment

After today's nasty sell-off, let's take a look at the ES and make a plan for it, going forward.


A Simple Way to Confirm Futures Trends

Understanding how markets can confirm one another is a powerful tactic. In this video, I show you the current short in crude and how the Oil Services ETF offers insight into my expectations for the downside follow-through. I show a similar example with gold and the Metals and Mining ETF. Finally, I walk you through the Dow short sell that is now on for the 3rd time. What's the chance of follow-through for a third winner? I explain.


I'm Not Convinced

The ES trades marginally higher today but not convincingly, as I see it. The NQ lagged, and tomorrow is Tuesday. A little Turnaround Tuesday trade interest, anyone? I'll explain in tonight's video.