David Starr

Although David’s career in trading began at a very young age, he is most known in the trading world for publishing an Elliott Wave Newsletter in 2010, and for developing the popular indicator known as The Voodoo Lines. David was involved in the very early days of both internet and wireless and some of his patents are still in use on almost every smartphone. He also ran a consulting firm with clients that include: A national retail chain, a leading infomercial marketer, and one of the world’s largest financial media companies.

David began investing at the age of 13, when he took the profits from his first business (helping local small businesses and individuals leverage emerging microcomputer technology) and invested them in the stock market. Although he was always involved in technology, he went on to complete a BA in theoretical Math from Kenyon College, and then on to an MBA from Babson, where he was named Class Valedictorian. Although the MBA program had a lot of coverage of markets in the curriculum, once he began trading full-time, he realized that nothing taught academically had any relevance to the markets.

After finding success in the business world and pursuing the entrepreneurial path, raising venture funding, and taking companies public, David began a more active trading career about 12 years ago. These days, you can find David as a moderator in the Simpler Options Trading Room, trading the S&P 500 for both swing and day trade opportunities in futures, options, and futures options. Additionally, he’s always watching across all futures markets for longer-term trading opportunities.

Outside of actively trading the markets, David spends most of his time studying the markets and building trading technology.